Leak or Fake? Lumia 920 with PureView and Lumia 820/Arrow with WP8

These leak photos were tweeted by @evleaks are supposedly upcoming Nokia Lumia handsets. We can’t be sure if these are real or fake. First up, looking familiar to pics of the Nokia Arrow, a very colourfull line up. Even though the rectangle rounded corners here that we aren't sure bout them. The second picture suggests [...]

Nokia Play To now on Lumia, Beta 1


Nokia’s BetaLabs team a short while ago released beta 1 of ‘Nokia Play To’ for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones Devices. It works similar to the Symbian Version of the app which allows you to share your photos and videos from yout Nokia Lumia phones straight to you DNLA-capable Devices, this is done over a […]

Nokia’s DELAY gap between announcing and releasing phones! ARE THEY DISCONNECTING PEOPLE rather than CONNECTING?


This is my personal experience with Nokia, back in the days when they were on top, they would announce the device today and not release it til about 5-6 months after and still get booming sales and a top device. This was not a good marketing strategy if you asked me and the new person […]