Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 Software Update is available for download! (Full Changelog Included)


Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 update  is finally available for download via Nokia Software updater, OTA and Navifirm!

The long awaited Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 which is currently in the Nokia 808 Pure View is made available to older Belle devices like Nokia 701 and 603 (more devices may follow)

This Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 which was in the Nokia 808 Pure View to be available in stores soon is released for the older Belle devices today. Currently it is available for

1. Nokia 701

2. Nokia 603

Users can update their devices either via Nokia Suite or OTA or Navifirm. The new firmware version is v112.010.1401

Have a look at the screenshots below:

1. Available as 28 MB update via OTA

2.  Available in Nokia Suite

3. Available in Navifirm. If you need any help in downloading firmwares from Navifirm, visit our forum: Forum Symbian Developers

Users from all over the world will get this update slowly and the rollout is fast.

Changelog for Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1:

– 20 new widgets
– Dolby Digital Plus
– New 8.2 browser
– New Maps
– New MS apps
– Improved multitask view
– Theme Effects ON/OFF Option Removed ( I don’t understand why Nokia would do this)
– Improved Options Menu UI
– Overall Speed and Performance Improvements
– New QT 4.8
– New Java untime updated to 2.4
– Improved Menu Application UI

- CPU Overclocked to 1.3 Ghz < This is not yet confirmed but was promised by Nokia Conversations to come with this update!

To see the graphical changes, we have taken a number of on-device screenshots of this new amazing Symbian update for belle devices. Check here: SCREENSHOTS

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  2. Waaooo….

    I just hope Nokia Improve UI and Flash player with FLV player…in the next update…

    Waiting for My C7…..


  3. do u think they will update Belle E7 ????? or no updates will be avalable any more????

    regards pls reply if possible plz

    • Actually, Nokia havent given any confirmation regarding the release of this update for n8,e7,e6,c7 and c6-01 or nokia 500 till now..

      We only know that Nokia 701,Nokia 603 and Nokia 700 will get this update

      • reallt thanxx so much for this info but one small problim   i try to update may nokia 603 by nokia suite and nothing change or not have the new os as i see .
        thxxx agean

          • thnxx man  i have the old version 111.030.0609.228.01 . i try to update it on nkia suite but ther is nothing new . naw i dawnolwad the NaviFirm+ 1.6 and i see the new update , but i dont know haw it works and what i must chose ,may nokia is (nokia 603 /Rm-779/ code 059m074

          • it semes update is not avelabil yeat for all cuntry that whay some ppl dont get it until naw . same like me

  4. I have already updated it but i didn't find the dolby digital option while playing videos :(

    pls help if there anything i can do ??

    ps: Do i have a to play a video with dolby digital support to make the dolby button appears ?

  5. I hope Nokia care about other Belle devices also. At this point of time, it should adher to CRM. Still waiting for this update. If anybody know more, post here.

  6. I think Nokia will release this for older devices no doubt and one of my friend says that it will come a bit late by the end of June or July

  7. PROUD OWNER OF NOKIA 603.. just updated my phone!. don't care about nokia not overclocking it to 1.3ghz cuz its super smooth:D.(MORE PROCESSOR SPEED MEANS MORE ENERGY HUNGRY and LESS BACKUP TIME). cool transition effect when tilting the phone, little improvements in browser but i still prefer opera. UI is very snappy, no hiccups what so ever. "DOLBY DIGITAL SOUND" sounds amazing with my GREAT altec lansing in ear headphones(use this setting only if u have decent earphones or else it wont sound as good). lots of unnecessary things removed, so far its very good.

    • Thats really good!

      I was really hoping this update will fix Symbian to a great extent and seems like it did!

      Nokia is working hard though not fully focusing in symbian

      Glad the device is snappy. Smoothness and fluidity is what is a real measure of an OS !

    • plz tell me k TV out enable hua hai new version mein.. coz pehle maine check kia tha to tv se connect nai hota tha mera 603..

      • Unfortunately I don't have a 603. I can't test out your problem bro. Has TV out never worked on your device? If no than you should consult Nokia customer care

      • 603 dont have any hardware support for tv-out. so no software update can fix it. get 701 or 700, i think those two have it.

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  9. 226 and +9 bonus points. i know its not good enough comparing with IOS 5 and andriod 4, but at least we have html5. lets just hope that it will improve with next update(s).

    • Thats really really good bro!

      Very good compared to previous Belle Browser Score: 130!

      This is a big improvement

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    • It should be available soon or you may use Navifirm to download your files and flash your device manually.
      I have already given the Navifirm link in the post

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  12. I updated my phone (701) OTA. Got my GPU overclocked, got the new widgets, but I did not get the Dolby option. Why is that?

  13. hi . i have a problem with the update. i have nokia 700 with belle vers 111.010…. and my nokia suite or software update from my telephone doesn`t find the update. i am from romania. pls help. thx

  14. What about the nokia 500. It is supposed to be the first of the series of nokia smartphones with a 1GHz processor.  Hence, if nokia 700,701 are getting upfdates, nokia 500 should also be provided with the update, though some features may not be the same as for the other phones.

    • I agree with you…Hope the N500 is getting the update..Waiting here for the latest update in N500..>_>

          • Nokia N8,C7 etc are having Broadcom the have capability of maintaining graphics seperately,but nokia 5000 hardly running with symbian belle.and even it stucks for some apps,so nokia 500 is not getting this update,but there is a chance of getting new browser.

    • Yeah, I hope so. Nokia 500 be the first among Nokia 1GHz processor device. It should be appreciate. Nokia should make Nokia 500 being the most special to give it Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. Even though it will not get so much widgets as 20+ widgets & new maps as 603, 700 701 & 808 because lacks of GPU. But, at least it will get the feature such as Dolby Digital Plus, new browser, new QT, new Java, Microsoft Apps & CPU over clocking to 1.3GHz as it has 1 GHz processor. Can't Nokia make it available for Nokia 500? Or it just as marketing reasons?

      • Ya. Im also using Nokia 500. I also wan Symbain Belle FP1 for me. let we request Nokia for that.

  15. nokia 500 i update os belle but there is some problem wifi connet connected after long time then restart phone then working

  16. Will this FP1 also available for Nokia C7-00? If yes, what is the ETA? Please update the time frame for availability of this update.


  17. Can i upgrade my nokia C6-01 processor to 1.3Ghz??? I'm using symbian Anna with processor speed 680Mhz

  18. i have c7 phone of symbain^3 then i coverted to anna now m using belle..can i update to belle fp1??is it availabla…

  19. Hey I have a Nokia 700, why I am not getting Belle Feature Pack 1 or 2 updates in South Africa ?? This is sad, very sad only.

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