Belle Extra Buttons For Symbian Updated To v1.7.5


original Gravity Belle Extra Buttons For Symbian Updated To v1.7.5

Belle Extra Buttons For SymbianBelle Got An Update Today ( v 1.7.5)

BelleExtraButtons SymbianDeveloper Update Belle Extra Buttons For Symbian Updated To v1.7.5

B.E.B adds 10 extra buttons on the Toolbar & Status Pane of:

-Homescreen & Menu grid

-Drop Down Menu: To reach Extra Buttons everywhere

B.E.B preloaded with:

-Music Control Buttons

-Search all contents[As Belle FP2]

-Screen Orientation: Fixed Portrait or landscape/Auto-rotation

-Restart Phone

-Brightness Switcher

-Accurate Battery Level [% – mAh]

-Power Saving Switcher

-Task Switcher

-Lock Screen

-Add up to 13 Apps & preloaded features to each Extra Button

-Fully styled UI

What’s new in Belle Extra Buttons (v 1.7.5)

  • Dynamic Expandable window extends & shrinks to fit its shortcuts.
  • Stylish battery floating window that shows:
  • a) Battery level in both percentage (%) and (mAh).
  • b) Battery estimated remaining time.
  • c) Charger status ( Plugged in & charging / Plugged in & not charging).
  • d) Stylish battery indicator icon.
  • e) Tap on battery indicator icon to Activate/ Deactivate Power Saving Mode.
  •  Music Player Control Buttons, via drop down menu, to Play / Pause / Resume / Play Next / Play Previous sound track.
  • a) When you tap on Play button while music player is closed, it will launch music player application in background while playing last played sound track.

Note: You need to download Missed Calls Eliminator application at the lowest price

  • To unlock Music Player Control Buttons feature.
  • To support continuous update of Belle Extra Buttons.



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